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The Guide Immo team set out to discover the Bel Air Tremblant project located in the heart of the Laurentians. This project, a few minutes from the Parc National du Mont-Tremblant, Ski Tremblant and the Mont-Tremblant village, exudes the beauty of nature… Its choice location allows you to live in a peaceful environment, a few steps from the area’s most prized activities. The project claims to offer residents and tenants resort style living; skeptic at first, we were quickly converted. To prove it to you, here are the stories of two fictitious families living in the Bel Air Tremblant project. You’ll realize, the possibilities are near endless…

Accueil du bâtiment principale de Bel Air Tremblant
Reception area at the Bel Air Tremblant’s main building


The Delisle family seeks to fulfill two unique wishes

Ever since the Delisle’s have talked about retirement, they knew they wanted to be in Tremblant. Their entire lives, they have owned a little cottage in the area. When the opportunity arose, they sold their house and moved into the cottage… this is when things went sour. Mrs. Delisle found that they were fall from all commodities; she tried to convince Mr. Delisle to move to a residence where everything would be easily accessible. Mr. Delisle wanted nothing to hear of it. He loved owning a home and gardening. He did not work all those years so that someone else could choose his home and maintain it for him. By electing to live in the Bel Air Tremblant project, the couple could finally agree. All the commodities of a residence with so much more (pool, tennis, massage room); and a house that suits them, one that they picked out with the project’s team, where he can garden and maintain his property to his liking. The Delisle family chose one of the 181 project’s properties. As for the model home, they went with the Asigo, but added a garage, one of many add-ons that Bel Air Tremblant offers hassle free. The house will be equipped with all the contemporary home automations along with panoramic windows offering outstanding views of the surrounding areas. When you purchase one of the project’s complete base plan house’s, you can make the modifications you want; the options are almost never-ending

3D render of one of the model homes
Asiago Bel Air Tremblant
Bel Air Tremblant – Asiago model home

The Delisle family is thrilled. Mr. Delisle, never one to slow down, has become a ski instructor at Mont Tremblant, a seven-minute drive away. During the day, Mrs. Delisle goes to the gym, gets a massage or attends a yoga class. In the summertime, she plays tennis, goes swimming or, sometimes, walks along the 14 km of hiking trails. All these activities are available within the Bel Air Tremblant project’s site… she has found the simplicity she wanted.

Gym located on the second floor of the main building
piscine et tennis de Bel Air Tremblant
The pool and tennis court as seen from the massage room
A pool and tennis court in the heart of the Laurentians
Massage room in the Bel Air Tremblant project

When the kids and grandkids come to visit, it is pure joy. No need to stay with the grandparents, they can rent a cottage within the Bel Air Tremblant project for the duration of their visit. Even better, the project offers a playroom for the little kids and an area for teens to hang out; the adults can rest assured that their offspring are having fun while meeting friends their age!

unités en location Bel Air Tremblant
Rental units, available immediately
La salle des jeunes
Playrooms for young and old


The Langlois family wants to harmoniously raise twins, but he works in the city

Mr. Langlois is a lawyer; he works in Montréal a few days a week. The rest of his time is spent at his home in Bel Air Tremblant. He and his wife chose to raise their young twins in the Bel Air Tremblant project. They had rented a house there for a week a while ago and fell in love with the resort concept; they were charmed by all the nearby activities and the mountain properties.

Salon de l'unité en location
Living room in one of the rental units: guaranteed warmth and comfort
unité en location du projet Bel Air Tremblant
Inside one of the project’s rental units

The project is ideal for raising children harmoniously with nature. The Langlois family opted for the Bel Air Tremblant project: activities for the twins, quality of life for mom and accessibility for the working dad… everyone is happy. The project’s multipurpose rooms allow Mr. Langlois to host client meetings in the country as opposed to the city. With more than 90 rental units, he is sure to find one that suits his clients. He can meet with clients at the project’s coffee shop or, when he needs more space or privacy to discuss with his associates, the Bel Air Tremblant’s conference room is also an option.

Multipurpose: relaxation, quick lunch, meeting, coffee
Inside a welcoming home

For kids, the project is a year-round playground: basketball and tennis, a pool, the spa and playrooms, no more hearing “I’m bored.” And, Ski Tremblant and the Parc National du Mont-Tremblant are located within 15 minutes. If you want to raise your kids to enjoy the outdoors, this is the place!

Salle de jeu de Bel Air Tremblant
Kids’ playroom located in the Bel Air Tremblant’s main building

The Bel Air Tremblant project is designed to charm by its sophistication and its wealth of activities. Its prices are competitive and allow one to believe that the dream is achievable: starting at $125 000 for a piece of land varying in size from 0.75 to 5 acres and starting at $420 000 for a single-family home. The project expands over a total of 543 acres and will be developed in phases. Perched on a mountain, surrounded by beautiful green landscapes, Bel Air Tremblant offers a peaceful haven

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