La Folie des Grandeurs at YOO Montreal Sales Office

YOO condo Montréal

YOO condo MontréalTower trip already talked about how YOO Montreal wants to bring a touch of design in Griffintown with its vertical village project inspired by designer Philippe Starck. But as explorers, Tower trip had to see it for themselves! Jeff Lee paid a little visit to Patrick Moreau, director of sales at his pop-up office. He was not expecting that level of grandeur!

YOO condo MontréalOver an espresso, Jeff discussed a little bit further about the vision of YOO Montreal and what it brings to the luxury real estate scene :

“I think it’s a genius idea to implement the lavish style of Phillipe Starck in real estate development, resulting in a truly truly unique and high-end property, as all of YOO residences projects all over the world” explains Patrick as we step in the second room. “It takes a visionary to picture the full scale of Griffintown in the upcoming years. But, now is the time to grab a piece of it before it’s no longer affordable”.

YOO condo Montréal“The design of the marketing suite, as YOO Montreal’s amenities , is directly emeeging from Griffintown’s history. In the early 1800’s, it was residential, soon after became the crib of Canada’s industrialization. It’s industrial phase is expressed throught the textures of furniture and decoration of the suite: concrete, wood, leather, and amalgames. By having a design sourced in history, the project will meet the current market requirements, but will also be an iconic building for future generations. The loop will now be completed, since Griffintown’s is back to it’s origin, residential and commercial” explained Patrick.

YOO condo Montréal

Patrick then takes Jeff Lee to the interactive screen: “This is the penthouse unit: 6000 sq/ft over the whole top floor, asking price is 6M$ but wait. It comes with your private rooftop where you have your own pool, dining deck, shower and garden. Isn’t that amazing?”.


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