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She is finally ready to take the next step of her life: leave her apartment to move on and move into a condo. She is really looking forward to becoming a homeowner, for all the benefits that this suggests, but in no case, does she want to leave the comfort of her neighbourhood, Petite-Patrie.

She found a rare gem, an opportunity not to be missed: a beautiful condo, at an attractive price. She is happier than ever since she will not have to change neighborhoods! She found a magnificent two-bedroom condo in Phase 3 of the Rosemont Condos sur le Parc, a Mondev project. The refined look of the unit and its pleasant and warm environment impressed her. She will settle in in April 2017.

She has had many years of unforgettable moments eating blizzards at the Dairy Queen on the rue Bellechasse with her friends, jogging the Père-Marquette park, growing vegetables from seeds in the neighborhood’s many community gardens, singing at the top of their voices, waiting for the bus on the Rue Beaubien; And all that won’t have to stop!

But why, La Petite-Patrie? For its dynamic family environment and for mutual help between neighbors? Is it for its friendly and peaceful atmosphere and great place to raise a family some day?

Don’t forgot about the following public places that increase the quality of daily life:

le café Régine

Rue Beaubien, a few meters from the Rosemont condos on the Park, is full of small shops, restaurants and bars that are very appealing to all tastes. She loves the Regine Café brunches, which are simply exquisite, accompanied by a small « shooter » of fresh juices that explode with flavor. In this unique and retro-chic decor, with the beautiful velvet sofas and tapestries, she starts each day off gently.

Les empoteuses

She walks around the neighborhood, and lingers at the Les Empoteuses restaurant. She chooses delicious blueberry, lemon and rosemary jams as well as peaches and basil, which will make great gifts for her loved ones. She hesitates, and ultimately cannot resist the squares of butterscotch, peanut and coconut that she enjoys, walking slowly. They are “to die for”.

L'Isle de gardebar-ile-de-la-garde

A little further on Beaubien, at the corner of Christophe-Colomb, one of the must-see places is undoubtedly the artisan brewery L’Isle de Garde. She has been there several times for their huge selection of beers, 24 different kinds in casks, and to taste their delicious bistro-comforting food in a relaxed and subdued atmosphere.

Cinéma Beaubien

This evening, she wants to relax and discover French-language cinematographic works from here and elsewhere. A stop is, therefore, necessary to the Cinema Beaubien, an independent neighborhood cinema. Every visit is an entertaining experience of authenticity. After buying her ticket at the classic outdoor ticket box, she goes to one of their small rooms to watch a high-quality film.

Parc Père Marquette

The Rosemont condos on the Park are just a few meters from the huge Père-Marquette Park where her future children can play with their friends and neighbors. For her, La Petite-Patrie is synonymous with family, affordable rents, nearby metro stations (Rosemont and Beaubien), vibrant neighborhood life, and greenery. She no longer doubts; her future looks wonderful.

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