Des conteneurs pour jardiner à New-York

container vu du trotoir

Hive-Inn™ City Farm is a modular farming structure where containers are designed and used as farming modules andacts as an ecosystem where each unit plays a role in producing food, harvesting energy and recycling waste and water.The idea of this ecosystem is to bring farming down-town and grow fresh produces near their urban consumers.Containers can be owned or rented by major organic brands, local restaurants or even serve as private local gardens /kitchen gardens. They can also serve educational purposes for the neighbouring schools.
Containers can be taken out, plugged-in or replaced to switch usage from farming to hotel rooms, service apartmentsand offices…etc. The Hive-Inn™ structure shows here another aspect of its possible uses (see Hive-Inn™ Hotel) anddemonstrate its versatility.
We chose New York City as an iconic landing site for the first Hive-Inn™ City Farm, near the U.N. headquarters tosymbolize the world-wide adaptability and versatility of this concept. container vu de proche container vu de face container vu de la rue container vu du parc container installation

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